Church Photographs


St Augustine's Exterior (circa May 1914)

This is the earliest existing photograph of the exterior of St Augustine’s. It shows a part of the ‘Church Rooms’ which preceded the Church Hall of to-day and had been constructed out of the old iron St. Augustine’s as previously recorded. It is interesting to note that the Church Bell hung NOT on the Church itself but on the Church Rooms. This must have called for some pretty nibble timing! When the church rooms were demolished this particular bell was not transferred but another bell from the Denmark Street complex was used on the church instead – since Father Wickham considered it to be more tuneful!

Probably published by Father E. S. G. Whickham in early 1914 to mark the impending demolition of the ‘Church Rooms’ – to make way for the building of the Church Hall in June 1914.


St Augustine's Interior (circa May 1914)

This is the earliest known photograph of the interior of St. Augustine’s. Points of interest

  • The gas lighting
  • Both the Pulpit and the Altar Cross are home-made North Town products.
  • The Altar Frontal shown here is still in frequent use in St. Augustine’s today. (1980)


Here are some photographs of our church today

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