The Church Hall

The hall, built in 1914, in the same architectural style as the church itself, completes a neat complex with the Church lawn in between.

Apart from a large and very lofty main hall the building contains, within it's two storey structure, several other amenity rooms and was obviously designed to be the Community Centre for the hamlet of North Town.

Historically, it's main interest is the foundation stone.  This can be seen set in the wall of the hall opposite the west door of the Church.

It reads:

To the glory of God and or the work of Christ's Church
this stone was laid on June 29th 1914 by

  H. R. H. Princess Henry of Battenburg


Her strange name and title tend to confuse.  She was actually Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, and had married Prince Henry of Battenburg in 1885.  Prince Henry died on active service in the Ashanti war of 1896.

Her love for her husband was such that she insisted in using his title until the family name was changed to Mountbatten in 1917.

The foundation stone, therefore, marks not only the building of the church hall but also records the only known occasion when a member of our Royal Family visited the hamlet of North Town.

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