Looking Forward

Lent This year our appeal will again support the Additional Curates Society which not only fosters vocations but supports the work of priests in some of the most deprived parts of the country; we will also be supporting the Bishop of Guildford’s Lent Appeal for the work of CMS in the Congo and Tanzania. Donations to our Appeal from the wider community, are welcome! We will be having our usual Lent lunches in support of the Appeal – details on our web-site. Ecumenically, during Lent, we will be sharing our Tuesday evening devotional services with St Mary’s and St Joseph’s, our local Roman Catholic Churches.
Coffee Mornings In January we raised £75 for ’the Mayor of Rushmoor’s Charity Appeal and in February £100 was sent to a very needy church in Portsmouth There will be further charity coffee mornings on March 20th, April 17th - Easter coffee Morning with Easter Egg raffle and hot cross buns, May 22nd, June 19th and July 24th. ‘Coffee Break’ takes place April 3rd, May 8th, June 5th, and July 10th -all at 10.00am.
Weddings It’s not too late to book an Autumn Wedding at St Augustine’s ! We do all we can to make you feel welcome and you don’t have to have your wedding on a Saturday either ! Contact Fr Keith.